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Hawaii Bride & Groom Wedding Style :: A TRADITIONAL MEETS MODERN WEDDING

February 04, 2016

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Real Life Weddings | July 24, 2015

This traditional meets modern wedding captured by Derek Wong Photography at The Modern Honolulu incorporated traditional elements with a modern flair. Glass windows shrouded by pink origami crane curtains, pink uplighting and a dash of sparkle completed the look.

Wedding Coordinator/Designer: FRED & KATE EVENTS
Videographer: ARIA STUDIOS

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REAL LIFE WEDDING :: Jamie and Anthony

December 07, 2014

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REAL LIFE WEDDING :: Sarah and Voltaire

November 30, 2014

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Photo Credit: ARIA Studios

REAL LIFE WEDDING :: Sarah and Jon

November 24, 2014

The first thing we noticed about college sweetheart Sarah and Jonathan was their INCREDIBLE chemistry. Their faces GLOW when they look at each other, and its easy to see how they picked one another out in the UH campus gym (Sarah worked, Jon just worked out!)

8 years after they began dating, Jon and Sarah decided to tie the knot in a love-laughter-and-happily-ever-after filled celebration at the Halekulani Hotel. Check out the breath-taking photos by Kai-Photo and be prepared to fall in love!

Sarah chose the Jasmine-inspired gown from Alfred Angelo’s Disney Fairy-tale Bridal Collection. It was one of Jonathan’s faves when they were looking online one night, but he had no idea she got it! 

One of our fave details? Sarah and Jon both agreed to investing in a pair of“Cinderella shoes”...any wedding shoes, regardless of price tag! Jon chose Jordan Concord Lows and Sarah nabbed a coveted pair of Manolo Blahniks for her walk down the aisle.

Speaking of those coveted Manolos, don’t they pair perfectly with this Louis Vuitton? Now THAT’S a gift every bride would love!

Maid of Honor award of the year goes to Sarah’s BFF Tammy, who filmed Jon’s reaction to his gift for his bride to enjoy!

The gifts weren’t the part that made Sarah and Jonathan’s day (even though they were awesome!). Sarah told us, “There are so many memorable moments, it's difficult for me to choose one! If I have to pick, I would say taking pictures together before the ceremony. It was a nice moment for the two of us to talk and be together before everything happened.”

 The ceremony was a gorgeous affair in the Halekulani’s Garden Courtyard, featuring lush floral arrangements from My Florist

Ben & Maila offered ceremony music with a never-before-seen twist...Maila also acted as the officiant for the first time EVER!

Sarah and Jonathan celebrated in style with a fun-filled reception that reflected their joyful personalities.

But the best was saved for the last...minute! The MC, also a popular KHON2 anchor surprised his dear friends by compiling a surprise video filled with congrats and marriage advice from some of the grooms favorite athletes.

Absolutely. Speechless. Except when it came to advice for future pairs, of course. This is what Sarah and Jon had to say to any couples getting ready to tie the knot:

“Our advice for anyone planning a wedding is to get a wedding planner. I think that was the most helpful thing in this planning process. Not only does a wedding planner make the day of stress-free, but they help make the planning process so much easier. They are the experts and will think of things you never thought of. Whether it's an idea for your wedding or a detail you forgot about, the wedding planner will help you.”

Congratulations, Sarah and Jonathan! 

Watch their Same Day Edit by Video 21 Productions!  

Coordination: Fred+Kate Events
Photography: Kai-Photo
Videography: Video 21 Productions
Hair & Makeup: Flaunt Makeovers
Florist: My Florist
Entertainment: Ben & Maila

Fred+Kate Presents :: To Feed Or Not To Feed, Vendors Are The Question

November 19, 2014

So, what are you feeding your vendors? Let’s be honest, you may have completely forgotten about them. “Do we HAVE to?” No judging here, brides… WE GET IT. Most wedding menus don’t come cheap and it can be a great way to save on expenses.

We’re here to help you answer this sometimes awkward question with some tips, tricks and plain ‘ol facts so you can walk into the catering office with an informed decision.

Photo Credit: Hale Koa Hotel

1. Contracts Don’t Lie

Whether or not you want to feed your vendors, sometimes you’ve already agreed to it! Did you read that fine print in the contract? It’s not uncommon for coordinators, photographers and videographers to account for meals for one or two staff members in their contract. We ourselves request two (for the coordinator and their assistant) at Fred+Kate Events. The reason is simple. These vendors are typically with you for hours on your big day, sometimes from start to finish...without a meal break. 

If it is in the contract, it doesn’t have to push you over budget. Unless the contract specifically states the meal has to be the same as the guests, you can explore other options such as…

Photo Credit: Chef Elmer Guzman’s Island Cuisine

2. Vendor Meals Do Exist

Hooray! Many hotels will offer a cost-effective option for feeding your vendors. The Halekulani Hotel offers a delish club sandwich for less than half of the guest menu price and the Hilton Hawaiian Village can arrange for to-go lunch boxes. 

Still other venues like Ko’olau Ballrooms & Conference Center arrange for vendors to eat from the buffet at a discounted price. It’s not only hotels either. Star caterers like Tanioka’s Seafoods and Catering offer to-die-for bentos and Beaches & Backyards Catering will let your vendors eat from the regular menu at half-price! Don’t be afraid to discuss cost-effectiveness with your food provider…. and don’t be surprised by this next question.

Photo Credit: Hilton Waikiki Beach

3. Will You Be Providing A Table For Your Vendors?

Should you provide a table for your vendors with your guests? This is up to you, but here’s what we always tell clients when this question comes up.

Fred+Kate Tip: Consider seating your vendors on a round in the ballroom or main reception area. This round can be towards the back, away from the center of activity, but it’s important for coordinators, photographers and videographers to be nearby in case something amazing happens that should be captured! If someone has to run to get your photographer from the other room, the moment may have passed.

Some venues have other seating options available for your vendors that are out of the flow of things. For example, the Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort & Spa will often place a few rectangle tables in the corner of the ballroom for your vendors to dine at, out of the hub of activity. The important thing is that your vendors remain in the ballroom! Speaking of “those vendors”, who are they, anyway?

Photo Credit: Tanioka’s Seafoods and Catering

4. What Vendors Should I Consider Feeding?

Our rule of thumb is any vendor that’s around for a few hours or more, or any vendors present at the reception. Coordinators, photographers and videographers should be fed whenever possible, as they often have coverage anywhere from eight hours to 12 or more. Musicians performing for long periods of time, DJs and MCs should also be considered.

And lastly, the burning what-if…

Photo Credit: Halekulani Hotel

5. What If It’s Not In My Vendor's Contract and I Opt Not To Feed Them?

No problem! It’s your wedding. The only word of caution for not feeding your vendors is that at that point they will become responsible for providing their own food, and this may take them off-site and away from your celebration in search of some munchies. Most hotels and venues will not allow outside food or drink, so they may have to consume off property. If it’s your photographer or videographer, that may be anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour they aren’t capturing your priceless moments. Make sure you discuss this with your vendors beforehand to determine the best times to do this so you won’t be in for any wedding day surprises!

Photo Credit: Beaches & Backyards Catering

We hope that helped clear up your burning questions about feeding your vendors, brides! Visit our vendor directory HERE to learn all about our all-star venues, caterers and wedding vendors. Til next time, Happy Planning!

Fred+Kate Presents :: Picture-Perfect Decor

November 17, 2014

We admit it, we’re suckers for pictures. Not the kind your photog is busy snapping away, but the dusty-framed mementos you bring to display on this special occasion. The reason is simple… by displaying your own personal photos, you are allowing glimpses into your story. From your parents' loving glances in their own wedding portrait to your chubby baby pics, your guests are able to see what brought you and your future hubby here to this moment. It’s touching, entertaining and homey… and huge bonus: no other bride in the world will be able to recreate it!

Okay, we’ve sold you. You’re eagerly yanking frames off your walls.. but where do you begin to incorporate your iconic images? Read on for a few easy decor suggestions and be inspired!

Loop some ribbon onto small frames containing your pictures and voila! They’ll hang easily off of most outdoor chairs or even church pews. Our favorite concepts? Lining whichever side the bride's family is sitting with pictures of her starting from newborn all the way to her engagement photos. Do the same for the groom's side! If you aren’t assigning seats never fear: you can hang pictures of family and your nearest and dearest to cheer you on down the aisle.

These eye-catching displays are best placed strategically at the cocktail area or in front of the registration table so guests can check it out as they wait in line. We love the ideas pictured above, such as the “family tree” (get it?), the casually rustic pics hung with clothespins and the clever display in an old windowpane!

Another totally adorable way to use your pictures is to incorporate them into your centerpieces! We love these candle-lit images, mason jars and the vintage-looking printouts! Another super-genius idea? Number your table numbers after years and in the frame put pictures of you and your hubby at whatever age you were. So cute...or so terrifying if the 80’s had anything to do with it.

Brides, we hope you gained a few ideas on how to put that picture-perfect spin on your wedding day. For information on vendors who can help fulfill all your ribbon, crafting and stationary needs for mounting your photos, check out our Favors & Special Touches vendor directory HERE. Til next time…Happy planning!