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Fred+Kate Presents :: Picture-Perfect Decor

November 17, 2014

We admit it, we’re suckers for pictures. Not the kind your photog is busy snapping away, but the dusty-framed mementos you bring to display on this special occasion. The reason is simple… by displaying your own personal photos, you are allowing glimpses into your story. From your parents' loving glances in their own wedding portrait to your chubby baby pics, your guests are able to see what brought you and your future hubby here to this moment. It’s touching, entertaining and homey… and huge bonus: no other bride in the world will be able to recreate it!

Okay, we’ve sold you. You’re eagerly yanking frames off your walls.. but where do you begin to incorporate your iconic images? Read on for a few easy decor suggestions and be inspired!

Loop some ribbon onto small frames containing your pictures and voila! They’ll hang easily off of most outdoor chairs or even church pews. Our favorite concepts? Lining whichever side the bride's family is sitting with pictures of her starting from newborn all the way to her engagement photos. Do the same for the groom's side! If you aren’t assigning seats never fear: you can hang pictures of family and your nearest and dearest to cheer you on down the aisle.

These eye-catching displays are best placed strategically at the cocktail area or in front of the registration table so guests can check it out as they wait in line. We love the ideas pictured above, such as the “family tree” (get it?), the casually rustic pics hung with clothespins and the clever display in an old windowpane!

Another totally adorable way to use your pictures is to incorporate them into your centerpieces! We love these candle-lit images, mason jars and the vintage-looking printouts! Another super-genius idea? Number your table numbers after years and in the frame put pictures of you and your hubby at whatever age you were. So cute...or so terrifying if the 80’s had anything to do with it.

Brides, we hope you gained a few ideas on how to put that picture-perfect spin on your wedding day. For information on vendors who can help fulfill all your ribbon, crafting and stationary needs for mounting your photos, check out our Favors & Special Touches vendor directory HERE. Til next time…Happy planning!