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A Star-Studded Deal

August 07, 2013

Feeling like a movie star? Then check out this star-studded deal from Orig Media. For all F+K couples that book a package over four hours for video, you will also receive:
1) Two professional 11x14 framed photo prints from video (a $600 value)
2) One free blu-ray (a $40 value)
3) An additional hour added for FREE (a $300 value)
That's a $940 savings! SCORE!

A "COOL" Deal

July 25, 2013

Brides, are you having an outdoor wedding in Hawaii and want to stay cool… now you can with AirReps Hawaii. Easy, convenient AND portable air conditioning makes it a total "breeze" to keep your guests comfy and happy. Plus! All F+K couples will score the coolest deal yet. AirReps Hawaii will waive your set up fee (a $30 savings per unit) and our couples will only pay the daily rate for any unit rented on the weekend (Up to 40% savings!) Call for specific details: 808.846.9234. 
Beat the heat here:
Photo Credit :: Fisheye Studio

Top 5 Ceremony FAQs

May 22, 2013

Check out how Fred+Kate Events answers the Top 5 Ceremony FAQs from brides...
Photo Credit :: Visionari and Kai-Photo 

1. How much time should I allot for my ceremony?
F+K :: "It all depends on the type of ceremony you're planning to have, 
but here's a general break down. 

-Full mass in a church: 1 hour
-Church ceremony: 30 minutes
If you hire a professional "wedding" minister that performs a standard ceremony, 
allot 20-25 minutes for your ceremony. 
If you hire a judge, allot 10 minutes for your ceremony. 

Our suggestion? Ask your officiant how long their ceremony normally runs, they're the pro! 
From there, you'll have a guideline to plan your invitations, flowers, photos...
everything that happens before the "I Do"s!”
Photo Credit :: Visionari

2. Do I need ushers?
F+K :: "Ushers are not 'needed' for any ceremony. Traditionally, ushers were present to seat guests on the bride's side or the groom's side to avoid any confusion of where to sit. Nowadays, couples prefer to fill the seats and seat family and friends wherever they will fit, versus having a side. If you do plan to have ushers, their duties will be to greet and welcome your guests and encourage guests to sit 10 minutes before the ceremony begins. We would recommend 1 usher for every 50 guests."

Photo Credit :: Visionari

3. When should I arrive at the ceremony site?   
F+K :: "We like to have the groom, groomsmen and immediate family members (ie: parents, siblings not in the wedding party) arrive 30 minutes prior to the ceremony start time. This way, they will be available to greet and seat your guests. The bride, bridesmaids, flower girl and ring bearer should be on property or in close proximity (relaxing and freshening up) and escorted to the ceremony site 5 minutes before it is time to begin. 

Our tip? Have all of your formal photos done at least 30 minutes before the ceremony start time so you have time to drink some water (hydration is key!), retouch your lipstick, use the restroom and be out of sight from your early bird guests." 
Photo Credit :: Fisheye Studio

4. When should I have my ceremony flowers set up?
F+K :: "This all depends on your actual location, but often times, two hours prior to the ceremony start time is the earliest vendors can arrive. All floral set up should be complete at least 30 minutes before the ceremony to allow guests to arrive without seeing any of the behind-the-scenes work. 

Our tip? If you're planning to take photos with your bouquets and boutonnieres, don't forget to ask your florist to deliver these items at least 30 minutes before your picture taking start time."
Photo Credit :: Kai-Photo

5. How long should my ceremony musicians be hired for?
F+K :: "Usually, you'll want to hire your ceremony entertainment for one hour. 15 minutes of prelude music, 30 minutes for the ceremony, 15 minutes of postlude music."


February 20, 2013

Brides, you spend months... maybe even years planning your dream wedding. What to do if something un-planned happens? Enter Fred+Kate Events, who have quick solutions to three possible wedding woes.

Photo Credit :: Watanabe Floral

QUICK FIX #1 :: You're smitten with your beautiful lily bouquet... it's exactly what you dreamed of. Until your first photo op when the lilies orange pollen rubs against your perfectly pressed white dress! YIKES! What do you do? First, breathe. This can be fixed! Avoid rubbing the pollen with your hand or with a cloth, this will only rub the lilies pigment deeper into the fabric. Here's what to do: 1) Take the dress outside and shake it off. If pieces still remain on the dress... (continue breathing!) 2) Use a piece of tape wrapped around your fingers to pick up the grains of pollen with light, gentle pats. NOTE: Add scotch tape to your day of emergency kit!

Photo Credit :: Rachel Robertson Photography

QUICK FIX #2 :: Weddings are all about love and bringing families together. If families = love and love = hugs, is it fair say that hugs = DEODORANT STAINS?! Yes, those darn white marks that are so blatant on black tuxedos. It's inevitable for the "men in black" to attract these pesky little stains on their sleeves and shoulders. But don't worry, we've got a solution for you. Have your MOH or (even better!) Wedding Coordinator use a pair of clean, unused panty hose and some brisk wrist action to quickly remove the stains. No pantyhose available? No problem! Grab a piece of foam rubber from a dry cleaning hanger and rub out the evidence. NOTE: Add pantyhose to your emergency kit, too!

Photo Credit ::

QUICK FIX #3 :: You sit, you stand, you feel a little tingle on your leg. OMG, static. This happens to brides and their bridal party all over the world! This annoying (and somewhat embarrassing!) situation is caused by a blend of temperature, climate and contact but can easily be taken care of with a dryer sheet, lotion, hair spray or baby powder! DRYER SHEET: Hold the skirt of your dress away from your legs and rub the underside of the fabric with that miracle dryer sheet. TA-DA, it should do the trick! LOTION: Apply the lotion onto your skin where the dress is clinging and you should be frizz free! Lotion prevents static from building up. HAIR SPRAY: Spray a light layer of hair spray to the underside of the fabric that's clinging. Let it dry and you should be static free! BABY POWDER: Dust some powder on to your pretty little hands (not too much!) and gently pat it on to your skin where the fabric sticks. With any of these tricks, you'll be kissing static away in no time.

Want more? Check out The Wedding Cafe's Wednesday Night Workshops where Fred+Kate gives tips and tricks on everything you need to have a stress-free, wonderful wedding day.

Love Was In The Air

February 03, 2013

20 lucky couples got to swoon over the sweet jams of Ben Vegas and Maila Gibson on January 2nd at the Halekulani. What a great date night filled with good music, great giveaways and superb company!

Setting the mood with vibrant silk linen from Les Saisons, personalized TWC swag bags, darling chalkboard centerpieces, favors and more... 

Couples noshed on Halekulani's signature wedding cake...

Big thanks to Garrett Nose of Garrett Nose Photography for capturing Date Night!

Ben and Maila are the best dates EVER! Who said date night has to be a two person party!

A Super Sweet Deal from The Modern Honolulu

December 26, 2012

1. Are you getting married between August 1st and September 30th, 2013?
2. Are you still on the hunt for the perfect venue? Something modern, sophisticated, sexy and oh-so-drool-worthy?
3. Are you planning to have 300+ guests?

If you answered YES to all of the questions above, you better sit down. We have a whoppin' deal from our friends at The Modern just for you. 

Book a 300+ person event (must have a $30,000 food & beverage revenue) between 8/1-9/30/13 at The Modern Honolulu and you'll score $2,000 off the normal $4,000 ballroom rental, a FREE two night stay in an Ocean Suite AND 25% off a wedding cake. Love The Modern? We do, too.