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Fred+Kate Presents :: Fusion Weddings With Finesse

November 10, 2014

Pump the brakes, we know you brides are probably wondering...what the heck is a fusion wedding? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. A fusion wedding involves the meeting of two or more wedding traditions for one bangin’ celebration. Fusion weddings are beautiful and unique, but can make for a lot of research and stress for an unsuspecting bride.

Never fear, Fred+Kate Events is here with a real life example and some killer tips to achieve sweet synchronicity on your wedding day. Check out our couple Margaret and Rahul’s story and bask in the gorgeous photographs by Marcia Campbell!

First Things First! Meet Groom Rahul...

Rahul’s family hails from a Southern Indian province with its own rich wedding traditions. The biggest day of this Los Angeles bank president’s life just wouldn’t be done right without elements of a traditional South Indian Vedic ceremony!

...And Our Blushing Bride Margaret: 

This Oahu native wanted to tie in aspects of her rich Japanese-European heritage. Another important ingredient? Hawaiian customs! She says, “The Hawaiian traditions were included because Hawaii is such a part of my identity and embodies respect for nature, the land, our ancestors and paying respects to our families.” 

So how did our couple accomplish their Hindu-Hawaiian-Japanese-Western wedding with ease? By following a couple of Fred+ Kate’s tried-and-true tips, such as…

1. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Family For Help

Margaret and Rahul were eager to incorporate Hindu Vedic traditions into their wedding day, but didn’t know the first place to start. Thankfully, they had knowledgeable family members who were more than happy to jump in and help!

One awesome example? Rahul’s mother and aunt made a special trip to their hometown in India to have the mangalsutram necklace pictured above commissioned for Margaret. This item is a prominent part of Indian weddings and like a wedding ring, is to be worn every day! 

This breath-taking wedding display is another example! Brought by Rahul’s aunt from India, these silver candles, accessories and colorful dolls are a priceless celebratory display for the couple.

Rahul’s uncle also obtained recordings of Sanskrit chanting over specially chosen musical instruments to accompany the ceremony for the couple.

2. For Lasting Impact, Make Moments For Each Tradition and Custom

One of the most effective ways to conduct a fusion wedding is to chose special times to highlight each element rather than being included all at once. The couple streamlined into two-mini ceremonies on their big day, opening with Hawaiian customs and rituals. After this ceremony was complete, they moved into the Vedic wedding ceremony.

3. Invite Your Guests Into the Experience At Every Opportunity

Before you raise those eyebrows, we don’t mean calling them up during your vows. Your guests can be included into the fun through small touches such as table decor or favors, or specifically themed props at your photo booth!

For favors, Margaret and Rahul attached a golden Ganesh figurine to their guests escort cards and left sweet Hawaiian chocolates at their place settings.

Margaret also included her friends and family in the Japanese wedding tradition of folding the 1000 cranes used to decorate the head table canopy.

In another Hawaiian tradition, Margaret performed a hula for her groom and guests at the reception. 

To see all the elements of Margaret and Rahul’s wedding day come together, check out Orig Media’s video below:

We hope you’re inspired to incorporate any traditions into your wedding day that your hearts desire, brides. To check out our awesome team of TWC vendors to help bring your vision to reality, click HERE. Until next time, and happy planning!